Who we are

We are a cross-functional team full of ideas, with a willingness to work hard and do our job well.

We love creativity, design, illustration and any form of communication. We want to make beautiful, yet sensible designs that clearly state the message our clients want to communicate.

We love our work and we bring creativity to every single discipline we work on.

Why 21 Hexagon?

We aren’t superstitious, but we do believe in mathematics. Therefore, when we were establishing our agency’s philosophy, we searched for a fabulous number, one of those that, when you say it or write it, you think to yourself ….that’s my number, it works… and from that idea the number 21 was conceived. That’s why we decided it would be part of the agency’s name. It is a magnetic number; it attracts good ideas and great clients. It is connected with the arts and creativity. The roots of the number 3 represent popularity, intellect and reading matter. We like the combination of 2 and 1; the imagination and sensitivity behind 2 and the strength of 1 make 21 a round number for us.

And why a hexagon?

Nature understands mathematics well, or better yet, mathematics understands nature well and always answers for it and lays the foundations for it.

A tortoise’s shell, the morphology of the cross-sections of a pineapple, a wasps’ nest, honeycomb, cracks in pavements, marks on salt flats, snowflakes, the bond between bubbles…hexagons are everywhere we look.

Hexagons complement one another perfectly and bring together infinite strong connections. Just like us, our ideas and our clients.

21Who we are