21 Hexagon: The formula for creativity

The power of an idea is brilliant.

Nowadays we live in a world of rushing around, media saturation, social networks and two or three screens. Faced with such an invasive situation, we have decided to pause for a moment in order to go back to the source of the commotion: ideas. A simple idea can change the world.

And we are ready to help you change it by offering you ideas that make your clients act, transform consumer behaviour, make a connection with your consumers in a simple way…and all with a simple idea.   

The consumer is part of our team

We are professionals, but we are also consumers. That is the reason why we do an in depth analysis of our target market, to clear up any doubts and make your investment and communication profitable.

There is a reason behind our ideas

Each piece, each word that appears in our work has a reason behind it. A reason that gives shape to a brand, and helps it to sell or go as far as it desires. Our ideas are not just ideas; they are something bigger: they are the future, eagerness and sales. They are worth more than mere appearances on a poster, a news page or a business card.  

21The formula