Twins 2 Screens

For Twins 2 Screen, a company with headquarters in Madrid, Mexico and Miami, we created a brand that is recognisable, distinct, strong and timeless, which speaks out about the business itself and not only using the name but the graphics also speak volumes too.

TWINS: (Definition taken from the Royal Spanish Academy) It is commonly refers to elements that are the same but of different sorts. They are pairs that work towards the same purpose.

2 SCREEN: (Definition taken from Wikipedia) Second screen refers to the use of an additional electronic device (e.g. tablet, Smartphone or the computer) by individuals who are already watching the television.

These days there are plenty of brands that take inspiration from Second Screen to create their brand. We want to go even further than that: we want the concept of TWINS to be a force that unifies everything we transmit.

Concept of TWINS: “Twin” objects and people are identical in appearance, yet in essence they are different, they form a perfect pair but every single one is unique.
What happens on the TV is the perfect pair for what happens on the mobile and tablet.

Based on what we have said, we designed a brand that represents all of this by playing with the “w” and the “in” which when using capital letters, which then brought about the play on words with the word “Twins”. We added the frequency wave icon, so that the company’s purpose is understood.

We also built the Twins 2 Screen website, so it fits on any mobile device. We also built the interface of its app so it would work on any device too.


  • Branding
  • Logo design
  • Mobile app
  • Web design

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